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213 Is That Really True Though? While It May Have Been Less Formal, A Lot Of People Took It For Granted That The World, Including Animals, Changed Over Time. Part Of The Reason Darwin Waited To Publish So Long And Put So Much Effort Into Making His Theor new GaryGrove5620788121 2019.09.23 1
212 The OP Mentioned It In Another Comment. And I Feel That I Can Say The Same For You Regarding Pulmonary Embolism. Just Because The Patient Reportedly Was Hypoxic And Had Clear Lungs Does Not Mean It Was From A PE Just Because PE Was Your Initial Thoug new GaryGrove5620788121 2019.09.23 1
211 That Said, The Mystery Didn Even Really Feel All That Important. Megan Isn Missing Until Like Halfway Through The Movie, And She Isn Revealed As Dead For A While After That. I Did Not Care About Her Character At All, And Her Fate Was Never Important new RickyFreytag91143 2019.09.23 1
210 I Know That Very Well. My Inner Critic Kept Justifying And Guarding My Family Damage Because "my Brother Had It Worse Than I Did", Though He Was A Source Of The Abuse As Well. One Of The Ways I Really Started Separating My Child Self And Tr new GaryGrove5620788121 2019.09.23 1
209 The Medic Would Write A Report, But It Would Get Lost, Or Thrown Away. If I Died, My Body Would Decompose And Disappear In Hours. The Sailors Eyes Scarcely Lingered On My Bustline. Comments That You're Perceiving As Passive Aggressive (and That, From new GaryGrove5620788121 2019.09.23 1
208 Flynn, The Villains And Side Characters (so Far) Are Meh. Karol And Patty Are Insufferable. I Hear It Gets Better, Hoping It Does So Soon.. Big Retailers Can Be Very Difficult To Work With. They Have Complex Ordering And Routing Processes As Well As GaryGrove5620788121 2019.09.23 2
207 Why Doesn Anyone Start A Class Action Lawsuit Against Various Usenet Companies For False Advertising?I Can Only Speak To This Point As I Have A Background In Consumer Protection Class. This Case Is Unmarketable Mainly For Two Reasons: (a) You Would H SCBJeffry51355238366 2019.09.22 1
206 [WP] You're The Unappreciated Intern For A Famous Group Of Superheroes. Your Power? You Can Boil Water. All You Do Is Make Tea For Them While They Laugh And Drink In Their Hideout. Little Do They Know That You've Got Dreams Of Becoming The Worst Vill VBDAlfie664298605083 2019.09.22 2
205 Here, She Talks About Career Lessons For India's Youth From The Life And Times Of 'yahoo' Actor Shammi Kapoor.Shammi Kapoor Died In His Sleep On August 14, 2011, 4.30 Am IST, At The Age Of 79. More Than 40 Years After He Last Played Out His Junglee D VBDAlfie664298605083 2019.09.22 2
204 Refused To Even See The Patient. I Ended Up Calling In A Different Groups Interventionalist To Do What Needed To Be Done For The Patient. Of Course That Patient Had A 100% LAD And I Called The First Cardiologist Back And Stated "he Had A 100% LA SCBJeffry51355238366 2019.09.21 3
203 So These People Who Are Pushed Out Will Raise Prices, But Only To Their Individual Spending Cap. For Many This Fall In The $1000 To $1500/month Range, So You See Units In That Range Start To Move Up In Price. That In Turn Push Demand Up For Other Mor VBDAlfie664298605083 2019.09.21 1
202 Sell All Bronze Players 700Seriously! I Had The Same Thing Happen And Didn Want To Say Anything Because It Been A Pleasant Surprise And I Didn Want To Jinx It. I Played A Ton And Have Had 1 Injury For 4 Games. Can Remember Who It Was But I Know I Had DeniceXwq88010043222 2019.09.18 0
201 Even When The Dog May Seem Super Sweet, Sometimes They May Get Upset Over A Perceived Slight / The Loud Noise And Surroundings / A Confusing Situation. Chances Are One Day You Might Get Bit. You Will Feel Frazzled, Uneasy, Embarassed, Maybe Even A Li ElliotFincham9011 2019.09.18 12
200 It Also Doesn Provide A Strong Financial Reason For Empty Nesters To Move. My Grandparents Died In A 4br Home Within Walking Distance Of A National Top 100 Public School. In Most States, They Would Have Been Heavily Incentivized To Move Out And Free RyanBraddon29797 2019.09.18 120
199 My Wife Just Shoved My Barley 1 Year Old Son Really Hard. I'm Very Upset About It. I Have 4 Kids And They ALL Have Done Things That Really Hurt Me. Johnston Murphy's (J Are A Good, Solid, $150 Pair Of Shoes. They Used To Be Some Of The Best Shoes For DeniceXwq88010043222 2019.09.18 8
198 Those Drivers Do Not Work For Your Processor Though And So You Are Forced To Use The Generic Instruction Driver. Now This Works Fine For The Base Features Of Windows 7, But Let Say There Is An Update To Something That Requires SSE4 Support. While You CiaraXil86859632 2019.09.18 16
197 Tweeted At Walmart On October 21, After Discovering How The Plus Size Halloween Costumes For Women Were Labeled. The Retail Giant Apologized Six Days Later, After Media Outlets Like Jezebel Reported On The Classification. It's Currently Investigating VBDAlfie664298605083 2019.09.18 0
196 I Really Only Smoked At Bedtime To Get To Sleep As I Struggle Sometimes. My SO Got Extreme Anxiety To The Point He Would Be Wide Awake All Night Either Tossing Or Turning Or Frozen Still. He Stopped A Long Time Before I Did.. When I'm Driving, Though ChaseBowling75009 2019.09.18 3
195 I Think There An Understandable Tendency (especially By Outsiders) To Assume All Sneers Have Completely Bad Or Serious Intentions Even When They Don Necessarily. I Didn In This Case. Though Like I Said In General I Do Believe In Swiping At Personalit ElliotFincham9011 2019.09.18 6
194 I Went To The Doc Last Week, Who Believes It Is Peroneal Tendonitis. His Suggestion Don Run And Stick To Swim And Bike If I Am Going To Train. Ice And Elevate It Regularly.. It Is Not That I Am Unsympathetic To These People Plights; I Am. But To Gi RaulTorode4486874524 2019.09.18 2